Over 60 years old, Tim, mainly called by his surname 'Kasaine', is one of the rangers of the Big Life foundation in Kenya. Kasaine has been trying to protect the African wildlife for almost all his life. He told me with a spark in an eye that he remembered how rhino's where almost a plague when he was still a child. You could also feel the disappointment when he told about how few are left now. Kasaine retired after a life fighting poachers but Big Life contacted him again after a while. They needed a man with a lot of influence on both rangers and the community, Kasaine was perfect for the job.

Nowadays he's busy with trying to make peace between the community and wildlife like elephants. Elephants eating the crops of the farmers at night which results in farmers poisoning and spearing down the elephants is still a big problem. Kasaine checks the area and the farmers at daytime and tracks Tim (a huge elephant with a tracker collar) and his family down at nighttime to send them back from where they came from, protecting the fields & crops of the farmers and of course the Elephants themselves.