Diosas del Mar

Goddesses of the sea

It was 2018 when I was working as a photographer for a surf camp in France. The request of the boss was to only photograph "pretty women in bikini's" because this would "sell better". I was shocked at hearing this and started to notice more and more how distorted the image of the female surfer was. I got motivated to make a change and started portraying female surfers as they really are, beautiful, strong, soft & real. Women of all kinds, body types & ages. Passionate about the same, all happy when in the water. Asking them to wear what they always wear when they go surfing, not what would look sexier. Telling them not to pose, but just to be who they are. Learning about what surfing means to them.

These are the female surfers, the goddesses of the sea and I will continue to portray them, hopefully all around the world.

Ongoing project, are you a female surfer who wants to participate at this project? Please send a message to info@antheadh.com for more info

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Sigma x Anthea den Hollander


Surfing makes me seriously happy and it gives such a kick!


I love to surf because of the feeling of freedom, the connection with nature, the physical benefits and the good vibes with other surfers. Surfing is just exciting and relaxing at the same time!


I dreamed about surfing every night while suffering from a burn-out and panic attacks. I started surfing a year before this and decided to start again which got me driving to the coast for at least 3 times a week. This all happened in 2016 and now (2020) my life consists of working, surfing and surf trips and I can genuinely say am so much happier than ever before!



I surfed my first wave when I attended a surf clinic at Vic's surf school in Noordwijk. That feeling ... I was addicted since that moment.


The first time I surfed. I felt the wave pushing my surfboard and I popped up. Then I felt the power of the wave and I was stoked. It is really an amazing feeling and you feel one with nature. I also love and thank God for the sea!


Surfing gives me the feeling of freedom. The waves, the sand, standing in the middle of nature. Once I sang: the waves are traveling, from here to the unknown. And maybe there is someone watching over me from there.


Surfing let's you experience the feeling of freedom incomparable to anything else. For me, it's the ultimate form of being in contact with the sea and nature.


Surfing gives me a great sense of freedom and being one with mother nature! Improving infinitely because every wave rolling in differently.


When I'm surfing all my worries vanish into thin air. It eases my mind, warms my heart and challenges my body. Sometimes it even feels like my dad is with me when I'm in the water. I'm glad that right before he passed away, he's seen me catching my first wave ever. I'll keep on catching waves the rest of my life.


Besides the gratefulness and freedom that I experience while being in the ocean, it gives me the feeling of being able to conquer anything.


Surfing makes me push my boundaries and it taught me that you are capable of so much more than you think. It also lets me play with nature and the sea just makes me really happy.


Surfing for me is a good way to feel connected with nature and to enjoy its beauty. It feels like coming home, when I'm in the ocean again. Sitting on my surfboard, staring at the waves and being carried away by them feels amazing, together with the physical exercise that comes with it. Surfing gives me feeling of fulfillment and is an important part of my life.


Because surfing is my life and it is super fun!


Surfing helps me escape the rush of daily life and brings me back to the "here and now". It is only me and the ocean for a couple of hours.


I grew up near the beach and the ocean and it has always been my safe place. One day, when I was 22 years old, I was sitting on the beach watching the waves. I felt peace and happiness. Then I thought to myself. Why in my 22 years of loving the ocean and always wanting to surf and be in the water I never just took lessons? The next day I booked my first lesson and I fell in love with the sport and the whole lifestyle. The idea was travelling and surfing for 4 months, and one day I will.